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Digital Scales - 0.01gram increments

Scales that weigh in 0.01gram increments. For weighing of fine spices.


Digital Scales 50g in 0.01g

measures down to 100th of a g!!!!! Digital Scales 50g in 0.01g

Amazing value and accuracy combine in this digital scale that weighs down to 100th of a g upto 50g. Fits neatly in the pocket at only 11cm long and 1.5cm deep. This scales comes complete with battaries, has auto shut off, luminescent display, precise, economical and compact. What more do you need?

FTZ 50 - Flip Scales

Latest Design - 30 Year Guarantee FTZ 50 - Flip Scales

These latest design scales from the House of Fuzion are accurate to 0.01 gram and weighs 50 grams in total. Comes complete with a neck strap for hanging the scale around your neck. Also has a calibration weight. Weighs in Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Diamond Weights. These uber accurate scales also have a weighing tray built into the top of the scale. Completely portable and useable the FZT 50 will give you decades of service GUARANTEED.

Fuzion Diablos 50g in 0.01g

digital scales for weighing tiny amounts Fuzion Diablos 50g in 0.01g

These scales are so accurate the weigh to 1/100th of a gram. Now thats a tiny amount of anything. So accurate even breathing on them can effect the weight! capacity :50g Weighs in carats, grams, ounces and grains! Has a lid that doubles as a weighing tray made from sturdy plastic. Dimensions 95x95x20mm

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