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Bongs and Glass Water Pipes : Roor Bongs, Ceramic Bongs, Glass Bongs and Water Pipes they're all here. We stock cannabis seeds, rolling papers, blunts, roor, easyleaf grinders, herb grinders, magazines and Books. Our Glass Pipes, Glass Bongs and Glass Bubblers are second to none.
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Drug Test Products

Protect yourself from privacy intrusion. Drug TESTING is wrong! We give you the products to protect your job, family and livelihood.


Zydot Euro Blend

Unique cleansing formulation Zydot Euro Blend

DRUGS TEST???.One hour after drinking Euro Blend you're urine will be pure for 4 to 5 hours. Don't fail that drug test, get euro blend and keep smiling!

Zydot Hair Purifier

Internal Hair Purifying Treatment Zydot Hair Purifier

The ONLY complete deep cleaning shampoo with purifying treatment and conditioner. Removes medications (legal and illegal) chemical build-up and other impurities form WITHIN the hair shaft!! Don't let the DRUG TESTERS win use the shampoo against a hair test! Paternity Drug Testing? You have the right to your privacy, use the Drug Test Shampoo and foil the testers.

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