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A wide assortment of different bowls.


Bub-L- Bowls -

Unique Weedcity.com design Bub-L- Bowls -

Whilst in Germany recently we came upon a little town that makes a unique product used in the chemistry labs for some obscure reason. However it also has the amazing properties of being premium Duran Pyrex, Porous, and completely inert. EUREKA! we cried. And together with the clever blowers at Magic Glass developed the perfect purest glass on glass hashbowl in the world. We present to you the Bub-L-Hash glass on glass hash bowl.

Five Shot Bowl Adapter

Just move it along, sir! Five Shot Bowl Adapter

This is a nifty little add on to any bong, just load up all 5 bowls then BLAM! take 'em one at a time and just slide the slider along. Great little invention and fits virtually all downstems.

Six Shooter Bong Attachment

the autorepeater hit machine Six Shooter Bong Attachment

Turn your bong into a multi hitter repeater, take 6 shots one after another, can you take 6 shots?

Soapstone Bowl - Medium

Bowls for your Bongs Soapstone Bowl - Medium

This premium hand carved soapstone bowl has patterns carved into the bowl. A nice size bowl that will fit on any bong with a screw in bowl.

Soapstone Bowl Large

Bowls for Bongs Soapstone Bowl Large

This is a HUGE bowl suitable for HUGE hits of your favourite plant. You will need plenty of herb to fill this bowl. Fits any bong with a screw in bowl.

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